I've received a number of distance treatments, all arranged at my convenience.  After the treatments which I found to be tremendously soothing and helpful I received some valuable insights and information, parts of which were extraordinarily intriguing and accurate in every sense!  Would definitely recommend to others.

Elizabeth Bott


I was a bit sceptical at first receiving reiki treatment but i followed Vasoula’s instructions as it was distance treatment for my lower back pain. Once i had settled she told me the treatment would begin. Within a few minutes i could feel less pain there and also it totally took away all my stress in my mind. I felt i could think easier after treatment from her.
Afterwards i felt calm and at peace with myself and also less pain in my back. I had a further 4 sessions like this and it took away my pain completely.
I would recommend Vasoula’s reiki treatment to anyone and will continue to use it as and when i need it. I find it useful also to take away stress as well. She was very professional and i found her as a person very trusting....

Graham, Lincolnshire


Vasoula, is an amazing healer!  I went to see her due to my severe lower back pain. I have tried many therapies, and thought I would give it a go as I was in lots of pain.
My first treatment was a very relaxing experience although I didn’t know what to expect at first. I was surprised to feel the warmth of Vasoula’s hands during the treatment. What was amazing that I was pain free during the session as well. On the second treatment I felt floating and had visions of my childhood and was even more relaxed as I knew what to expect. I felt the energy flowing in my body and I felt at peace. I also felt the same sensations as I had I my previous treatments bad they were a lot stronger on my third treatment.
My lower back pain is much better now, but I see Vasoula for relaxation and for recharging my energy as I lead a very stressful life and often feel overwhelmed and stressed. It helps me tremendously and I recommend to anyone who feels unwell or just need to restore their inner balance!







'Vasoula's experienced hands on reiki healing was pure joy to receive. She immediately focused on clearing my tension headache and the general stress affecting my whole body and I left feeling recharged, calm and full of positive clarity.'

Claudine Deasy
Editor of www.voyagerspirit.com
Online magazine for London College of Spirituality


My experience with Vasoula’s hands on Reiki treatment, was something that words cannot describe. Before I had my first treatment I could not even imagine that she will put me in such a complete relaxation. She is very supportive in all aspects and she is guiding you how to open up to receive the energy and enjoy the healing in a deeper level. After each session I felt that I had so much energy, I felt healthier, much more confident, my stress level was diminished and in general I felt a lot happier. You will be amazed to see the outcome after her treatments, it certainly changed my life after a few sessions.

Elena Melaisi


Vasoula is naturally a very caring person. Her warm welcoming smile makes you feel totally relaxed and peaceful. She is not only an incredibly therapist but she is also a great listener. Being at her presence melts away any worries that you have and you leave refreshed and balanced. During the Reiki hands on treatments that I had with her, I felt a sensation of floating releasing any stress that I had before the treatments. I have more energy now, I sleep much better and I feel a lot happier. She is a very passionate healer and it shows in her authentic caring nature and in the outstanding results. I cannot recommend Vasoula highly enough!



Vasoula , I just want to thank you for your great Reiki healing .You were blessed with this energy healing and were trusted to share  it. I feel a tremendous amount of energy daily and I feel much happier every day. Reiki with Vasoula was a wonderful experience and it has changed my life .



Amazing results from an amazing lady! I have always wanted to experience a Reiki treatment for a long while... and the opportunity finally came. Vasoula's healing hands worked wonders for me, what I experienced was so powerful and new to me I cannot put it in words. I have already noticed a transformation in myself over time so determined and strong, I feel healed and complete. I hope to continue my treatments and looking forward to my next visit.

Susan, Docklands

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